Meeting Announcement—October 30th 3p.m.-5p.m. @ Wheelwrights

Come and hear two great presentations from Shelley Watson and Gregory Ashworth about iCloud Drive, Photos, and Apple Music.

Learn all about iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive had a rocky start but now has a growing loyal following. It does a great job of keeping your stuff on all of your devices. But how? The problem with “magic” solutions is, when they break you don’t know how to fix them. In this presentation by Shelley Watson of Wheelwrights, we fix that by completely pulling apart iCloud Drive and really understanding where files are located, how backups capture the data and what can go wrong and how to fix it if they do. Be one of the only consultants in your market who really understands iCloud Drive.

Photos & Apple Music

Apple has recently retired both iPhoto and Aperture in favor of their brand-new application, Photos. In addition, Apple introduced a streaming service called Apple Music. Learn the ins and outs of these two new releases from Apple from Gregory Ashworth of iDigital. He’ll show you what’s great about them and where your clients might get stuck. You’ll look like a hero!

Remote Access

NWMP will also try to provide remote login for those members who can not be there in person. Send an email to with “remote login” in the subject line if you are interested in participating remotely.

Location & RSVP

Shelley Watson and Chris Dawe of Wheelwrights have graciously offered to host the October meeting. Please be courteous to them; RSVP so that they can adequately plan. We thank Wheelwrights for their continued support of NWMP!

Costumes not required. You’re all scary enough as it is! 



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